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Uepi was so adorably lost in this performance. First he shatters the illusion of rocking out to the song (which wasn't so convincing in the first place when we compare his rocking back-and-forth with the rest of KT who are going all out except for Kame who's doing his usual gliding thing lol) by smiling sweetly into the crowd @ 1:32. And then watch his adorable meander across the stage beginning at 1:40: bumps into Maru --> bumps into Junno --> attempts to cover it up and act like he knows what he's actually doing by attempting a cute twirl...only to bump into Kame. XD Why is he so spacey? *squishes* But srsly, he can't be like this when boxing or idek.

Not feeling the outfits or Koki's hair why did you have to tamper with it, Koki? :( but the boys being their usual enthusiastic selves (yes, even you, Uepi) was a pleasure to watch. Junno was extra 8D! 8D! this time~ I look at him and then at Uepi and wonder if they're actually doing the same choreo knowing Uepi, prob not lol. Also, Maru's been getting more and more handsome everytime I look at him and Kame's wink --> an arrow staright to the heart. *__* But lol at his hair puffing up at the end. So cute. <3
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In the spirit of the day, I share with you this slightly creepy pic:

(Maru's face on Ueda's body is totally creepy, ok? XD And raise your hand if you didn't realize anything was off for the first few seconds like I did.)

And here's an accompanying fic that FREAKED ME OUT: "Scare Me" by Kujo_arisa; Various Horror Stories of starring the members of KAT-TUN. It has clowns and blood and general creepiness. Recommended if you want a scare.

Have a haunting Halloween everyone! ^_^v
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I never thought Maru could pull off a girly look. O.o  And I dunno if it's the PS-effects but he looks pretty too y/n?


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