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After yesterdays new's about Jin, I thought fans would see the benefits of the new KT arrangement once they'd calmed down and be more positive and accepting about it. But no. When it comes to Jin, the foremost action of KT fans is to defend. Defending a member you love is a-ok. But forcibly denying what's happening... not-so-much-ok.

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So yeah, I'm getting really annoyed by fans being selfish in the name of supporting KT. If you support them, don't deny what's clearly happening. Accept it and move on!!! Both KT and Jin are happy with this arrangement, so be happy that they're happy!!
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My feelings about this have been fluctuating since the news hit. But now I think I've adjusted and well, here's my view on the matter.

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In my eyes, Jin leaving KAT-TUN is beneficial to all parties involved, excluding the 6-nin and Akame fans, which is understandable. I sincerely feel for thoses fans who have grown attached to Jin and have been following KT ever since they debuted. In fact, I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad: happy because I never let myself invest too much in Jin so his going solo doesn't hurt me as much, or sad because I wasn't able to know the fun, Bakanishi of the past because I'm sure he must have been incredibly lovable in order to gain so many hardcore fans.

In the end though, for me, KAT-TUN without Jin is still KAT-TUN. (yes, Kame's covering for the K and the A, and nobody better blame him for it. >:-[ )


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