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More than meets the eye.

In five words, this is Koki.

I remember when I was first getting into KAT-TUN and thinking 'erm, what is this bald guy saying?' and then I watched Cartoon KAT-TUN and he was an instant favourite. He has that charm. Koki is like a jack-in-the-box, bursting with energy and surprises and intimidating at the get go, but as you get closer, crank the lever once more and peek inside the box, there's only a woobie. A blinged up tiedye teddybear. There is so much to love about him, from the way he way he's constantly hyper on screen, a bundle of fireworks lit inside, to the way he is quiet and humble with his words. His jweb essays are something every hyphen should read. Hyphen. He gave us this name. This is Koki who once hated being part of a group, who ripped up KAT-TUN posters. It's the same Koki who now can't see himself as anything other than KAT-TUN's second T. The same Koki who takes care of Kame and Ueda and playfully teases Junno and Maru. I can't see a KAT-TUN without him; it'd be much too quiet, much less colourful. He shouts at the fans one moment and then spends hours shaking their hands in gratitude the next. He kicks Junno and then admits that he'd get angry if anyone else were to tease his twin T. He's loud and brash but make one compliment about his face and he'll be blushing into his hands. He's all about ~gangsta swag~ until he returns home to his zoo and dresses up his dogs, gushing over them in his jweb. He's mischievious and the most laughs I've had as a hyphen are all thanks to him. He's goofy, he's loud, he's obnoxious. He's caring, he's loyal, he's shy. The biggest tsundere. A rapper. An artist.

More than meets the eye.

Perhaps the most misleading thing about him isn't his image at all, but his name.

For a man named JOKER, he's oddly sincere. The most sincere.

And I sincerely adore him; I think we all do.

Happy 26th Birthday, Koki!

On your special day, I have only one thing to ask,

how big?

♥ ♥ ♥



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