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Feb. 23rd, 2011 09:14 pm
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because I had to. he is the one and only, after all )

(This is the man whose birthday is on February 23, who just turned twenty-five this year. This is the day thousands of fans wait for, because just a day after, the countdown begins again. This man; we look forward to how he will amaze us with each passing day, because he will. It's guaranteed.)


Dec. 10th, 2010 08:11 pm
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So I just had two finals and, arriving at home, speedily downloaded the LQ version of Plastic Tears. Two seconds into the performance and I whimpered.

Kame, I knew there would be a lot of hip-shaking and swaying going on, but I did not expect a STRIP TEASE. Ok, so no clothes were taken off sadly but Kame being Kame had to tease. 

Things my brain was somehow able to compute in the face of all the yummy Kame:
1. the booty shaking in the begining. (needs to be inspected closer in HQ, but isn't it wonderful Kame has more meat on him to shake? that sounds so wrong lol)
2. Kame's you-know-you-want-me stare into the camera (his hair was all floppy and disheveled akhsasjhk *____*)
3. the MJ thrust (this explains the Summer Premium event...or not)
4. Kame being a tease with his jacket (you totally called it [ profile] tinybars)
5. all the swaying in general (the generalizing means that I need to rewatch this again and again and again *o*)
6. the choreo was better than I expected it to be :)

I kinda snapped at my brother who very unwisely interrupted me during my Kame watching, so I need to watch again, just in case I missed anything, y'know. not because I'm shamelessly ogling Kame or anything Should also mention that it's a safety hazard to watch this while drinking soup. You'll choke on your whimper.

I also wonder how uncomfortable Maru got while watching Kame perform. Was he jotting down notes? Or do you think he's already desensitized to to the Ways of Kamenashi?

ETA: Toxic is the word *__*


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