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Title: A Female Touch
Pairing: Kame/Anne
Word Count: 2,655
Rating: G
A/N: Prompted by the recent AnAn and this Maquia pic. Nothing else to say besides: I write when I should be doing more pressing things; it's a procrastinating coping mechanism. I'm sorry. :S As always, any corrections are MORE THAN WELCOME ♥

A Female Touch )
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Title: Campfire Games
Pairing: Kame/Anne
Word Count: drabble-length
A/N: does writing my first Kame!het count as procrastination? I mean, it's productive... in a way... *shuffles feet* I am so screwed Sorry for the spam :(

Campfire Games )
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x-posted to  which I hope you've all joined ^___^ I've written a QoPKame/Kyouhei drabble over there and if Kame/Kame is not your cup of tea I understand; it's just too hot, join anyways! The comm welcomes all and any Kame-pairings; this month's theme just happens to be Kame/Kame. And if you don't write, then macro/manip/vid! And if you can't macro/manip/vid, discuss! And if that's too taxing, flail! No one can go wrong with flailing. No one

/end of pimpage and now onto the fic

Title: You Are My Sunshine (my only sunshine)
Pairing: Yuya/Yuuki
Rating: G...I think?
Word Count: 3,951
Note: I didn't spellcheck this since MW annoys me, so pls point out any mistakes. Please. :)

Summary: Landing himself in the hospital is the second best thing that's ever happened to Yuya. The first would be meeting Yuuki.

you are my sunshine, my only sunshine )

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...I think it's pretty fitting that the first drabbles I manage to write in this fandom end up being Kame/Kame...

Drabble 1: 1582!Kame/Kyouhei )

Drabble 2: need!Kyouhei/oblivious!Kosaku )

Putting this out there to spread the hotness that is Kame/Kame and to prepare you guys for my next post, just so you're not all "wth did this come from?" lol. Consider yourself warned.


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