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Feb. 23rd, 2011 09:14 pm
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Kamenashi Kazuya.

This man.

This is the man who I never get tired of. Who I flail over daily and think, there must be an end to this, but there never really is. This is the man whose smile won me over at first sight and still makes me stop and stare, each and every time. This is the man who laughs like a lunatic. Whose stomps and claps and scrunchy face make me grin like a fool. At that moment, we are matching pair.

This is the man who in some ways is forever a boy. Who has a fetish for skulls and making odd faces at the camera. Who flashes a peace sign whenever possible. Who coos at nyan-nyans and wan-wans with a baby voice. Who makes childish gestures and calls the siren of an ambulance pippo~ pippo~. This is the man who teases and flirts because the cheers and happiness of those who watch him are his drug. Who soars higher and higher with every shout. This is the man who tries his best because to disappoint is to fail.

This is the man with a huge heart. Who cooks curry in the middle of the night to surprise his co-workers. Who is weak to requests and will give his new clothes away simply because his juniors asked for them. Who, when noticing someone coughing on set, will casually get them a warm drink without being asked. This is the man who will cut into his own break time to make things easier for the staff. Who will always go along with the flow, even when he feels otherwise, because the happiness of those around him is happiness for him. This is the man who is known for putting others before himself.

This is the man who has an intimidating aura but is actually really lame. Who is more embarrassing than funny. Who makes nonsensical jokes that make me shrink into my seat and ask why, oh why is he still talking? This is the man whose sense of humour is like a train crash (less fun; more pain).

This is the man who astonishes me with his words. Who is so caring and compassionate, it makes me feel ashamed. This is the man who taught me there is no sense in hate. Who in a few words teaches me what I had thought I had learned long ago. This is the man who listens to calls with a willing ear and responds with honest advice. Who, in just in a few words, manages to say so much. Who speaks with a depth and wisdom beyond his age. This is the man who opens his mouth and I think please, oh please keep talking.

This is the man who is larger than life. Who buys expensive clothes, cars, watches, you name it. Who smells something wonderful, or so everyone who has chanched to encounter him says. The man who can wear the most bizarre ensemble and somehow make it work. The man who crushes stereotypes with his small hands and a wink. This is the man who you look at and wonder, how is he real?

This is the man who is nothing but real. Who eats his grandmother's rice for breakfast and says it is the best he's ever had. Who dotes on his niece and buys his brothers matching watches. Who grumbles at his dad for wearing his clothes and his mother for ruining his special jeans. This is the man who complains about his pet dogs being moody and not sleeping with him. The man who cries silent tears as the credits play, ending a sappy film. The man who says he is happiest when in the kitchen and laughing with his friends while he cooks them a meal. Who at times also needs to be alone and takes sudden trips to the beach. This is the man who is so real, it's unreal.

This is the man who lives outside the box. Whose performances do not only entertain, but enchant. Who puts in endless effort and sleepless nights to provide a show that will leave everyone satisfied. This is the man who pushes at boundaries. Who can't stand still on stage and strives to do something more and then something even more. This is the man who dares. Who inspires.

This is the man whose passion motivates. Who jumps into everything with a bounding, full-body leap. This is a man who understands his limits but challenges them nevertheless. Whose hands are spotted with blisters from practicing baseball swings. Who carries a sports paper with him everywhere just so he knows a little more. Who will shoot a scene multiple times until the best one is filmed. This is the man who is incapable of not giving his all. Who strives to becomes a better person. Who makes me strive to be a person. This is the man who is my role model.

This is the man whose birthday is celebrated by thousands of fans because they see him, this man. This man who is both a boy and a sage; a star and a dork; too good to be true but still true. This man who cares for others and is tenacious and strong and bows with the deepest respect. This man who, if he read this, would shake his head and say with a humble laugh, "I'm just me."

Kamenashi Kazuya.

This man.

I kind of really adore him.

You know, just a little.

(This is the man whose birthday is on February 23, who just turned twenty-five this year. This is the day thousands of fans wait for, because just a day after, the countdown begins again. This man; we look forward to how he will amaze us with each passing day, because he will. It's guaranteed.)
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