Sep. 3rd, 2011

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Nakamaru, to me, has always been Maru.

There's this soft, approachable aura around him and I think it says a lot that he's on good terms with every KAT-TUN member - that he's the only one KAT-TUN has ever danced for. Twice, even. He has a sweet, sensitive heart and I love him for it. Always take care of our boys, Maru. ♥ And then there's the heart-warming way he worries and frets - his own way of dedication. The serious sincerity, it charms. Everyone teases him about being normal and non-idol like, but you know what, Maru? Your plainess makes you stand out. Out of all the members, it's him who I can relate to and empathise with most. I think that says quite a bit, too. ♥ It's a pleasure to watch the awkwardness dissipate and make room for the confidence that's shaping him into a strong MC (the awkward moments are treasured too, little gems of adorable as they are). He may not sparkle and shine in the traditional idol way, but dim the lights and hand him a mic - and Maru will own the stage with his beatbox, a skill that helps set KAT-TUN apart from the rest. Invaluable in so many ways.

You are you, Maru.

The General, oppa, ore-sama, scaredy-cat, ojisan, takoyaki, hakkai, KAT-TUN's glue, the beatboxing mother hen...

You are loved (wig, big nose, murimurimuri and all).

Happy 28th Birthday, Maru.

Rock the argyle, always. ♥


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