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Title: Wish Upon a Wishing Stone
Pairing: Akame
Word count: 33.7K
Rating: PG-13
Genre/Warnings: Fluff/Humour/Angst
Notes: This fic was originally written for [ profile] debrogliewave (♥) during the 2011 round of the [ profile] kizuna_exchange, which I enjoyed thoroughly, and was beta-ed by [ profile] krysyuy. ♥ (first posted here)

Summary: A single wish and memories of a broken bond insert themselves into the present, more tangible and annoying than ever.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Re-posting this at last! The reason why it took so long was because I intended to fix a few typos that I made when I was inputing my beta's edits. yes, I fail that much but that's not going to happen any time within the next few years so....... >.>

This was my first exchange fic and I remember fretting over whether I should join or not with Gaby (we were so intimidated :S) and I ended up participating in the end not only because of Gaby's magical persuasive powers, but because, despite me not being an adamant Akame shipper (I like Akame, but in the end it's just another one of the Kame pairings I ship), this plot bunny had been chewing at my mind for ages. I don't mean to sound pretentious, but I think when I was rapidly foraging and devouring any akame fics that came my way, I was looking for something similar to this story - something that would contrasts the past and the present and meld them together I just wanted chibi!akame to kick present!akame's ass, really, because chibi!akame rocks. For me, Akame's charm is all about the shared history but the past is the past and that was emphasized when things began to fast-forward in fandom last year. Above all, I think I was looking for a sense closure and that's what brought this fic into existence. I call this my closure fic. Kizuna_exchange was the perfect occasion for me to release the plot bunny once and for all.

Being new to this exchange business, I was so incredibly frazzled. I basically brought the stress down on myself when I waited until the last two weeks before the deadline to start writing. In all honesty, I thought the fic would be 5-10K long. After sitting down to write the intro bit which ended up being 5K itself, I realised I was screwed that was not going to happen. T__T Fast-forward to me procrastinating left and right and managing to write up 13K, not even the halfpoint of my fic yet, two days before the deadline. Cue: MASSIVE PANIC ATTACK. And then I realised that I had to get a beta. soon. because I had no idea what I was writing. Enter, Krys, the poor soul who got stuck with me shining beacon of hope and The Best Beta Ever ;__; *clings* *drowns in ♥* Seriously, she was just so wonderful and amazing, putting her real life plans on hold at sight of my teary emoji face on incredibly short notice I lie; there was no notice :S and literally spending the entire day editing my ramblings as I sent her the bits and pieces I wrote up. Please to be noting that Krys is allergic to akame and yet still offered to read through my cheesey fic even though it probably made her head throb. That is true dedication, I tell you. ILU, KRYS. ;o; ♥

I have never written so much and so fast in my life as I did on that day before the k_x deadline. I think I wrote around 10K in one sitting; all the words blurred together and my legs felt rubbery when I finally called it a night since I hadn't moved all day. :/ The next day, however, I discovered it was all for naught and wanted to shoot myself. Chatting with fandom friends and learning that half of them hadn't finished their fic yet... WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME IT WAS POSSIBLE TO ASK FOR AN EXTENSION?! T__T Being an exchange newbie, I didn't clue in to the fact that the posted deadline is really just there for show and the extension deadline is the real deadline. #brandnewinfo #really #cries #ImsorryKrys ;~;

And thus my mixed feelings about this fic. A breakdown:
Things I'm Proud Of:
> the intro and first 15K or so
> the idea behind the wishing stones (it came so suddenly and for that I am grateful *pets brain* #tictoc)
> how I blended the fantastical with reality (I didn't realise I could do that since I always focus on what's real when writing everything must follow logic!1!!)
> the angst (okay, this is mostly because I didn't even realise my fic had any major angst in the first place. I remember asking Krys if it was okay to label the fic as fluff/humour and Krys was like "....add in angst ^^;;" and in my head I was going but why? I figured it out when I read the comments. #whoops XD;;;;)
> the canon tidbits strewn all over the place (makes me feel like an evil mastermind :B)
> the character interactions (having two Kames and two Jins all talking to each other could have gotten extremely messy and is one of the main reasons why I hesitated writing this; I think it came out okay in the end - and by that I mean, no one was too confused >.>)

Things That Could Have Been Avoided If I Wasn't Such A Noob:
> the pacing. (everything became fast-paced near the end whereas the intro started off slow. the resolution could have been less abrupt)
> my writing in the last 15K or so (I like details and descriptions but I didn't have much time to linger on those. I feel like my writing sort of unravelled near the end)
> needs more Yamapi. (idk, I feel that Yamapi could have had a bigger role but there was no time Dx)
> too few scenes (I wanted to add so many things, especially near the ned; I think this fic could have reached 50K if I hadn't left it till the last minute. oh well /sighs)

I think there was more but I can't remember... :( Overall, I can say I really am proud of this fic. It could have been better, but the most important thing to me was that it made the readers feel I'm still sorry about the tears though :(. I received amazing feedback that made me gooey on the inside and whimpery on the outside and, like always, made me feel that entering the exchange was worth it. All the panic and stress and gnawing at Krys' delicate nerves. Totally worth it. ;__; ♥ /forever grateful and touched. (as a bonus, I received a beautiful piece in return, too, which was pretty awesome :'))

Also, after writing this fic, I did land at a closure of sorts. My akame fic addiction has since then simmered down and I don't feel lured by them anymore; I still visit akame when I'm in the mood, but mostly, I think I've gotten over them. My muse is free to wander elsewhere now that the akame bunny has stopped nipping at its heels. (I say this, but I still owe Matchy an akame fic for being the only person to guess my fic *rolls* and oh! that is another thing I have to be proud of - my ~ninja skillz~ B) Although, I must admit, as fun as it was to go completely anon for this xchange, it kind of sucked not to be able to comment on the other participants' fics -which were amazing and totally deserve lavish amounts of praise- in fear of being caught yes, I am hardcore about this ninja bzns. I briefly contemplated commenting on my own fic to throw everyone off but that was way too much embarrassment and awkwardness for even me to handle fhdsjdjks. Thus, I chose the silent route of the lurker and now I don't have the heart to go back and comment. ;__; #isuck #lazybutt #no1currs #forgiveme)
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