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Come home on a cold, cloudy day feeling blah, watch Hanamaru... and burst with fuzzy happiness.

♥ Hearing him talk about his body, always a pleasure. And no, not only because he starts groping himself as soon as the topic is brought up *squish*squish*. His 40kg days are always unsettling to remember, not only because of his poor physical condition, but also because of the situation he was in back then; how emotionally strained he seem, tension all around. Those days are long since over but when the memories surface, when I remember how gaunt his face was, how his ribs stood out like planks on a xylophone, when I remember all that and see how he is now - it's an amazing feeling. Relief and bubbling pride (and a bit of worry still because it's hard not to care for this guy). I love his body, the chub and roundness and all, because it's a symbol. A symbol of how relaxed and happy he is with himself, with his work. He glows. I love how people around him notice that too, because he is just that bright. And him talking about gorging down food to get a more manly figure - so adorable hfskjdk.

♥ Kamemama. I love the realtionship he has with her. She comes over, decorates his interior by hanging photos here and there, and yanks the chime off his oh-so-stylish wind chime because it's too noisy hfdskjlk. It reminds me of the vinatage jeans fiasco. I keep thinking Kame still has to hide his jeans from her. Clearly, Kamemama is a force to be reckoned with and I love how Kame lets her into his life. Let's us know these pieces of his life for I am a creeper who feeds on these tidbits.

♥ HIS NIECE. MY HEART. HIS FACE. I CAN'T. ....but I will try. First she beats you at hula-hooping and steals the TV remote, and now she takes you down at cards. TSKTSK, KAMENASHI. TSKTSK. ugh, I love how he tries his best, doesn't try to tamp down on his ~adult skillz~ and still loses if I could see his face at that moment.... I love even more how he excuse his behaviour with 'I don't want her to get used to the idea that people will go easy on her' which is complete crap because Kame can't go easy on anyone if he tried no, Kame, that was not a challenge hfskjdk. Nakamaru and Koki can attest to this, but I'll get to that later. His competetiveness - as hilarious as it is when it's taken to the extreme, is also incredibly endearing. The thought of scrawny little Kamenashi being dumped at a JE audition and somehow, against all odds, coming out as Cho Kamenashi... it's kind of amazing. I think the main reason why baseball-obsessed chibi!Kame stayed in JE was because the system appealed to his competitive streak and crowd-pleasing ways. He challenged everything, never backed down and got to the top. And he's still going.

♥ BACK TO THE NIECE. AND OH, HIS ONOMATOPOEIAS. First, The Gooey Natto Noise replayed several times hfsjk and then... HIS NIECE COMES IN PIN-PON. PIN-PON. What is a pin-pon, you ask? The sound of a doorbell. Why doesn't he just say she rang the doorbell like proper adult, then? BECAUSE HE IS KAME. KAME WHO LOVES WAN-CHANS AND NYAN-NYANS. AND MANGA. HE TALKS LIKE MANGA FHDSJHFDSKJK. Imagine what it's like to be the tv hosts/interviewers: 'ah, this man is so mature' and then Kame says he stacks his towels in a biribiri pattern and it's '^^; ...'. gah, I love him. And this interview. So many gems. Hide-and-seek. Kame being amazed by children and sounding like an ojiisan. Kame being extra careful that his floors are clean and dustfree so that his niece doesn't say 'dirty' hfksjdk he must love these playdates so much. Making his niece treat him to juice on the rare occasions that he wins and buying toys for her when he loses. (His niece must be loaded with toys by now; the envy of the playground, I bet.) I can just imagine him being super gloat-y when he wins and then when she's bought him juice, he'd tease with 'ahh~ but this isn't the flavour I wanted~ try again, ne'. I mean, the man snatches her favourite red cards when they play Speed; I'm pretty sure he's not above this fhksdsjkdk. I LOVE CHUCHU-NII RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS.

♥ The sauna battles. I just - really, Kame? Battling with other people is nothing new -this meaning that he talks nonstop about his sauna time and we've heard it all before. several times in fact the awkward pauses never get old- but with himself? The two minute endurance battle. Withstanding the heat and testing his limits and using that energy towards work and - oh lord he is such a huge M. An admirable one, but an M nonetheless. And wow, he must have a lot of patience at least when it concerns his pride. Asides from my O.O at why anyone would do this, this tells so much about Kame. I think this is the essence of who he is, what makes him so striking. He constantly seeks challenges, constantly aims to do better, to win, to go further. And here's the kick, it's not for the validation of others, for a pat on the back telling him you've done well; it's a private battle dfought on 'his own discretion'. The validation he's seeking is primarily from himself. I've always wondered where his drive originates from, what motivates him to keep going even past the point when everything's a blur, and this is the answer. His drive comes from within. He's the type of person who would bypass the shorcut, the easy way out, to walk the route that is long and difficult and tedious, all because he finds it rewarding. Because he believes he'll come out a better person for it in the end. I find this amazing. Imagine how far he can go. And this might sound strange, but I find his mentality pure: sweat away the bad and drink in the good - if I endure this, I'll get *this in return. And what is this? self-satisfaction, self-growth? something that will help him mover forward, soar to higher heights? an abstract reward that has no value to anyone else but him; his battery pack. The way he makes deals with himself, sets new goals each day so that each day has an accomplishment he can be proud of... He never stops working, never stops growing, all because he wants to. He works hard and challenges himself for fun. Everyday is a sauna battle. I can't describe how much I admire his approach to life as M as it is. (also, his water-cleansing ritual adds another shade to 1582, I think)

♥ The host said Kame's in sync with the sauna, and I don't think it's just the sauna. He's in sync with himself, with all his facets. He really is as complex as a rubix cube but he's just as sturdy too. Balanced. One moment he's talking about a manly physique and the next - 'I have a big interest in buty products for women'. I love how he admits such things so easily, how he doesn't try to hide his feminine side because OMG I'M NOT A GIRL I'M A MANLY MACHO MAN!1!! He's comfortable with himself, knows who he is and his position and could frankly care less. I borrow beauty products from my co-actresses and steam my face, no big deal bro. ilh. Of course, it is a big deal when he finds someone who doesn't even use lotion. His EHHHHH? face hfdkjsks never stop, Kamenashi. And how he got all shy when they complimented his skin. love. I love how he takes the beauty standards he expects from women and applies them to men as well. You look good for me, I look flawless good for you.

♥ TaNaka. TaNaKame. Oh, the sounds I made hfskjk. Koki calling Kame KAT-TUN's core and being thankful for his support and how he helps them recover during sensitive times I'm thinking about a certain summer *coughs*. Basically Koki being a sap all over the VTR and then worrying if he praised Kame too much while Kame gets all flustered and embarrassed and yells LIAR hfdsjk who you tryin' to fool, Kame; we know you're more than pleased. I love how Koki spoils him like this (he did say that to take care of Kame, you have to praise him from time to time hfsdjk you are doing well with the Kame-maintenance, Koki). But it's not all sweet talk and the sadistic love comes out in the end - and it's Kame who dishes it. IT'S NOT AMUSING ANYMORE. hfdkjsfh oh ever-suffering Maru, I love you. Kame with a baseball game is like Junno with... any video game a Kame vs Junno showdown needs to happen but someone needs to keep Koki away from the tables. So TaNaka go on with their complaints and Kame's all calm and 'a competitition has to be taken srsly' until - 48:0. busted. 48:0, KAME, REALLY NOW? I love how everyone in the studio just bursted with laughter, including Kame trying to cover up your insanity with that throaty chuckle, huh? not... going to... work. dammit. guh, I love his laugh so much. SERIOUSLY THOUGH. 48. Can you imagine Koki and Maru just sitting there as Kame virtually pulverizes them 48 times? I'm amazed they let him get that far. They probably figured Kame would go extra insane -or passionate as Koki fondly likes to say- on them if they tried to leave. (Kame: WHAT. YOU CAN'T LEAVE. THAT'S QUITTING! KAT-TUN DOESN'T QUIT. WE'RE FINISHING THIS UNTIL THE BITTER END +_____+ Koki: more pain... Maru: arowana cry alone T___T) And then Koki says 'I'm starting to hate baseball now ToT' and Kame goes ':o -> 8( -> I'll make them like it next time 8D'....... Yes, there is a next time... Koki, Maru, I wish you both luck. May the forces be with you. thank you for pampering KT's baby ;~;

♥ The toaster story. The lady who took care of him and supported him when he hadn't debuted, who asked for his autograph when he hadn't even been on TV yet. I think she saw something in him, to have kept that poster after all these years. I love how Kame is able to charm people like this, to worm his way into their hearts somehow. I love the lady who took care of him. And years later, Kame returns as the star of the show he used to backdance for and replaces the broken toaster and it's all so lovely and touching - it's like a drama. I wonder if Kame still naps in her room while he's there. This story made feel so warm and fuzzy.

♥ So many great images in this interview, so many sides exposed. Kame sitting in front of a fan with a face pack on and pretending to be an alien KameET hfdsjk because he simply can't help it. Contrast that with Kame ~fresh from a bath~ (I love how he realises how obsessed he sounds; 'in the end, I only talked about baths ^^;' well yes, bb. it's not the first time either hfkjds), dressed in a yukata and waving around a paper fan 1582 flashbacks anyone? as he lounges around. He goes from a five year old to an ojiisan just like that. And the towel talk and how Kame only used to use the black ones because he thought they were ~cool~ hfdskjk his cool obsession; it's like he's laughing at himself whenever he talks about it. Lamenashi + Cho Kamenashi = Kazuko Kame. His love for spontaneous trips that often gets neglected because of how fandom sees him as this anal, everything-must-be-scheduled-in-my-planner type of guy, when really, all he wants is to rent a car and get away. Buy some souvenir underwear and get nostalgic over it later because he is a sentimental sap. Love his adventurous soul. And his insistence of being the one to confess first (hfsdjk I love how they zoomed in on his face during this part yes, feed our fantasies you evil lovely cameraman, you) and how he continues to pursue even if he's rejected - his YEAH I KNOW! face. his faaaaace and the smiiiiiiiiile. my heart. and the poor rewind button also, hello there Kousaku flashbacks. ilu. Not a surprise though, that he would go on the offense RfY Making Of lolol. Likewise, not a suprise that he would suck at surprises. He would plan a surprise, miss the ~timing~ and thus the surprise would remain wilting in the back of his closet for all eternity. Lamenashi fails adorably.

♥ Most of this came to mind after watching the subs (THANK YOU SO MUCH, BABEL) but even without, there were a lot of things I noticed /crazy observant stalker freak. Reminders of why I sit through shows I don't understand and enjoy myself anyway. It's simply fun to watch Kame talk and really, I think it must be a delight to interview him. For starters, the eye contact - four hosts on different sides and he connects with everyone; it's natural and no one's left out. Questions are asked and responded fully. It's not just 'yes, I did this' but 'ah! there was a time when this & this but y'know etctec'. He expands on points without being prompted, adds hand gestures and pin-pons so you feel entertained even if you have no idea what's going on. He emotes with his entire body, not just his words. And it's natural, to me it feels natural. There's truth in the awkward silences, the shy glances and the eeeh!s. When he starts rambling, he's not unaware at least on TV; he senses cues, notices that it's time to change the topic and cuts himself off smoothly before the host can intervene. He makes the interviewer's job a breeze. I respect that a lot about him, how he doesn't let them carry all the weight. To me, interviews/shows like these are all about cooperation, bouncing back between the host and the guest and Kame always plays well. I always feel entertained.

Thank you, Hanamaru and Kame, for a splendid evening of squeeing noises and happiness. I hope to see you again soon. :') ♥

huh. didn't expect this to get so long. #blamesKame #pinpon
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